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Draw the tile center, sides and corners

and get a full blob tileset, to paint your map with.

Important note

Check out TilePipe2:  https://aleksandrbazhin.itch.io/tilepipe2

TilePipe is opensource https://github.com/aleksandrbazhin/TilePipe/tree/v.1

Use TilePipe to

  • Fine-tune tile composition
  • Randomize tiles
  • Make highres or pixelart tiles
  • Modify subtile positions in the autotile
  • Generate full 255-tile sets, not only 47-tile ones, as well as any other smaller variants
  • Export directly to Godot (other exporters planned)


With prepared tilesets you can paint maps in most game engines. To prepare those tilesets you have to copy-paste the same tile fragments, which is a lot of manual work. So here is TilePipe to automate the copying and help composing tiles from base parts.

Full tutorial is here: https://aleksandrbazhin.github.io/tilepipe_site/tutorial.html

And here is a quick video-intro

Basic usage

You have to draw the image with tile parts for TilePipe in your favorite graphical editor. There are some examples in the UI for every generation type, they are also available as a separate download.  There are 2 types of generating tiles

1. Quarters composition

TilePipe can combine parts you drew as quarters of a tile

For example, input for "quarters merge" generation from 4 different quarters is:

And the output tileset would be:

2. Overlay composition

The other type of generation is overlaying side and corner parts over the central one.

Overlaying gives more control over part merging, you can have more center or more sides. Here are the results from the same input, but different settings:


To have more variety in your tiles, just draw several rows with variations:

each part will be selected from a random row, and the resulting tiles will differ:

Generate full 255-tile sets (new in 0.4.3)

You can produce something like this with the tool:

the input is included in the examples. To get the result like this, select "Overlay" type of generation and "255-symmetrical" preset. To get the correct result, put the "Merge amount" slider to the max, and "Overlay amount" to the min. You will also need to select 255-tile template. The generated tileset is ready to use. In Godot, for example, you will need to set the Tilemap tile size to the 3/4 of the Tileset tile size - if you've made a 64x64 tileset, then the Tilemap tile size would have to be 48x48.

Automatically generate collisions for your tiles (new in 0.4.7)

More info

Any feedback is greatly appreciated

Discord server: https://discord.gg/B4VBVYG

All the images and example tilesets are distributed under CC0 https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/deed - you are free to use them.

Example maps made with the generated tilesets (sources are downloadable)

Sideview no symmetry

TilePipe is made with Godot https://godotengine.org/

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tilepipe-windows.zip 14 MB
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tilepipe-mac.zip 14 MB
Version 0.4.4

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Hey. is this still can be use in Godot 4.1?

Hi! There is no specific import for it to just import and use tileset, but you can generate images. I think there are plugins for Godot to simplify the tileset setup.

Also check out TilePipe2, it’s a bit more advanced. If I end up implementing Godot 4 tileset format, I will do it with TilePipe2.

well cool.

Hey, for some strange reason it won’t start properly. It begins to open. Then it suddenly closes. It’s been like this for a few weeks now, as I’ve been trying to figure out why it happens. Oh and it did work before. I actually managed to use it a few times before it broke…

(2 edits)

Hi, sorry, I am away for PC until the end of the week. As for your error - I surely did not update anything, it’s caused by preexisting bug. What is wrong exactly - I can not say, but something is wrong with saved settings. Deleting the file in {User}/AppData/TilePipe/ will surely fix it (for Windows). You can delete everything there. I will try to fix the program next week. The problem is surely caused by missing texture for one of the tiles you made, I fixed something similar, but this bug got through.

I think I have fixed the issue with the crash.

Thanks for the fix. It works now! And yes once I opened it, it said something about a missing texture.

Is it possible to add the mac builds now? I would like to try the collision generator that is not in 0.4.4. By the way the tool seems useful, it is probably not very well known. I found it by chance at the end of a git issue, referred by someone: https://github.com/godotengine/godot-docs/issues/3316

Ah, I see now that you may not work on this anymore, I may look at the source code then. I've donated anyway, thanks for working on this, maybe it will never become popular but at least I found it useful.

(1 edit)

I still have problems with exporting Godot projects for Mac even in most recent Godot. There is no way to sign with ad hoc signature and without it MacOS does not allow to launch the exported build. You can just clone https://github.com/aleksandrbazhin/TilePIpe and run it with Godot, it is not that much harder.

As for me working on it - I actually was working on a total overhaul and release of TilPipe2, which will be more useful. The release is pretty close, but the exporter is not ready + the docs are still to be created.

Thanks for the donation and the kind words.

If you can somehow advise me on the Mac issue, I will update the build. I am not a Mac user, only have a Linux PC now.

Is there a tutorial for using this to produce a tileset for a top-down game instead of a platformer?  Or perhaps an example of a top-down tileset made with this that I can take a look at?

There is not much different between sideview and top-down tilesets, I think. In the TilePipe different types are divided by symmetry.

For example the blue 255-tile from the diagonal example is fully symmetrical, so it is more of a top-down style one. You still can use tile without symmetry in top-down game, for example, if you want to show shadows. The most straightforward preset to use is Generation type: Overlay, Preset: 4 parts, symmetry - full. You can go from the example.

If you want, I can make a tutorial, sure. But I was working on a total rework of the UI, so was reluctant to do so.

Randomization is also a useful feature in TilePipe - just put some variations of your input picture in rows and the tiles will be generated randomly.

I'll try these settings.  Thanks!  A tutorial after UI updates are done would be helpful, but I'm sure I can figure it out with what you've provided me here.

I hope the best for this program! Very useful!


Thank you, such comments mean a lot to me.

Increíble quiero seguir tu progreso y usarlo en mi proyecto en godot  sobre todo por que me encanta godot y me parece genial que exista una herramienta dedicada a el